Investor Relations


On the effort to implement one of GCG aspects, ALMI always has the commitment to carry out the social responsibility, as following activities:

  1. Environmental sector:
    reducing the usage of the fuel that tends to affect with pollution on the casting process in particular, by replacing it with using of natural gas.

  2. Employment sector:
    featuring the safety on working on the site, by enforcing workers to use protector when doing their job and providing trainings relating to the work safety to minimize accident on working place which may happen.

  3. Society and social development:
    participating on donation to the religion’s prayer places, continuously arranging blood donors on quartal basis, and having a positive impact to the economy of the inhabitant located surroundings the company. get through with their internships.

  4. Product’s responsibility:
    The product sold by the company does not lead a negative impact to the consumer’s health, since the product itself should be delivered as supporting good for the consumer.