Good Corporate Governance (Board of Commissioners)

Duties and Authorities of the Board of Commissioners

  1. The Company is supervised by the Board of Commissioners, the Board of Commissioners supervises and manages the policies, runs the management in general, both regarding the Company and the Company's business, and advises the Directors.
  2. The members of the Board of Commissioners, each or jointly have the right to enter Buildings, offices, and pages used by Perseran during office hours and have the right to examine books and documents as well as the Company's assets.
  3. The duties and authority of the Commissioner of the Envoy are determined by the Board of Commissioners' Meeting.
  4. The Board of Directors must provide all information relating to the Company as required by the Board of Commissioners.
  5. At any time the Board of Commissioners based on a decision of the Board of Commissioners may temporarily dismiss members of the Board of Directors from their positions, taking into account the provisions of Article 106 of the Law concerning Limited Liability Companies and provisions in the capital market sector, because :
    1. Violating this statute, or
    2. Take actions that harm the Company or the good name of the Company, or
    3. Other important reasons
  6. If all members of the Board of Directors are temporarily dismissed or if for any reason there are no members of the Board of Directors at all, the entire Board of Commissioners has the right to authorize one or more members of the Board of Commissioners to manage the Company temporarily and act on behalf of and represent the Company.
  7. In order to support the effectiveness of the implementation of its duties and responsibilities, the Board of Commissioners must establish an Audit Committee and can form other committees, if needed. The Board of Commissioners must evaluate the performance of committees that assist the implementation of their duties and responsibilities at the end of each financial year.