Good Corporate Governance (Audit Committee)

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee comprises of 3 persons, chaired by Independent Commissioner. They are not related to the Board members or the ultimate Shareholders. The Audit Committee assists the Board of Commissioners in their supervisory works with broad access to relevant company information and data. The duties and responsibilities has been based on the Audit Committee Charter owned by the Company

Audit Committee Composition and its changes

Based on the Board of Commissioners decision on Changes to the Audit Committee, the Board of Commissioners approved and determined changes in its composition on September 28 2017 as follows

  • Supranoto Dipokusumo (Head of Committee)
    Indonesian Citizen, 59 years old, received his MBA degree from the University of Toledo, USA in 1992 and completed some courses/diploma programs in Germany. He has been with the Company as Independent Commissioner since 2001. Currently he also serves as Independent Commisioner of PT. Indal Aluminium Industry Tbk.

  • Bambang Sukristiono (Member)
    Indonesian Citizen, 55 years old, completed his Bachelor degree in Accounting at Putra Bangsa University, Surabaya in 1989, and has a 7-year career in Public Accounting Firm. He joined Maspion Group since 2002 in Accounting Department.

  • Yuma Romansyah (Member)
    Indonesian Citizen, 43 years old, completed his study in Economics with major in Accounting at Brawijaya University, Malang, East Java in 1999. He started his career at Public Accounting Firm, and joined Maspion Group since 2000.